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Solutions for your store


Web Ordering Application

Beta test our application and get one year's subscription FREE.


From the outset, using the Magic Order App adds value for managers at the store. Simply upload your supplier price lists, build order lists and start ordering. 

For multi-store environments, upgrade to the Procurement Portal and benefit from centralised procurement. 

Mobile Manager-Mem4Me

Mem4Me is a virtual personal assistant designed for busy managers always on the floor. The app's menus are fully customisable allowing you to arrange memos according to the layout of the store. Create quick memos as issues occur then manage the task when convenient.

Advanced usage includes valuable memos attached to staff members with the workflow to bring HR into the loop.

Mem4Me (basic) is free. Contact us if you wish to try it out.



The Creditors module utilises essential POS data in the automated creation of creditor invoicing. The credit controller then edits and verifies invoices before they become available for payment in the creditor's ledger.

Time, attendance & Smart Shifting

Combining Excel with a cloud database offers an affordable, effective and sophisticated solution to shifting and attendance management. When planning shifts, 'actual hours already worked', are included ensuring labour costs remain within budget. Use the web interface to verify or edit in preparation for submission to payroll, removing the tedious practice of emailing spreadsheets at month-end.

Try before you buy?

Centralised Cloud Cash up system

The cash up module retains the flexibility of MS Excel but with an important introduction of a Cloud database to receive each day end's declaration. The cash up is customisable with optional integration with POS applications. Once finalised and in The Cloud, head office access the data via a Web interface for verification and integration to accounts.

Main functions:

  • Centralised cash-up database for multistore operations.

  • Cash up variance alert, triggering investigation process.

  • Petty cash and float balance module.

  • Direct integration of verified sales and tender detail with popular accounting solutions.

  • Powerful reporting aimed at monthly performance targets.

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