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Restaurant controls & processes are  better managed in The Cloud


Wanting more from your systems?

When moving data and processing to The Cloud, expect cost savings, enhanced controls & performance indicators accessed from anywhere.

When business conditions change, such as the introduction of new management or opening and closing of stores, the systems remain independent and can scale and perform with consistency.

Expect efficiency, demand value!

Solutions for your store

With so many moving parts, managing a store naturally generates a significant amount of administration, checklists and reporting.

Focused on integration and mobility, our Cloud software allows store managers' to be on the floor while remaining in full control.

Centralised, integrated head office

The first step in a centralised Cloud system is the introduction of a hosted database, a platform dedicated to collate data and deliver business insights.

A single point of capture (in POS for example) is crucial for efficient processing. API integration creates a single set of reliable data for managing all aspects of performance.

Affordable & reliable IT infrastructure

If executed correctly, a Cloud IT strategy reaps rewards on the bottom line and also scales up or down as your business conditions change.

Many hospitality outlets, unfortunately, have not had access to Cloud expertise resulting in a costly overlapping of modern and traditional approaches.

1. Commit store admin to The Cloud

2. Integration & automation

3. Plug & play reporting & intelligence

A typical journey to The cloud

The end goal represents a network, a platform where all areas of the business are connected.

All modern software lends itself to data integration, with a single capture point yet multiple access and destination points. 

Cloud software is for all sizes of business. The modular design allows for a custom journey, investing and implementing at a pace determined by your specific needs.

A mature system shows clear and measurable cost savings and outputs are in the form of business intelligence, available from any device. 


Cloud Computing


Adopt The Cloud & revolutionise your systems 

Solutions for store management:

Run a live income statement, in The Cloud. Implement solutions for a centralised cash up, shifting & attendance. Control procurement, manage your price lists and order online.  Integrate orders with your stock & automatically update creditors.


Head office & bookkeeping in The Cloud:

Invest in a flexible business database, hosted in The Cloud & dedicated to your business. Verify your stores' administration data. Pay creditors and manage your budgets & P&L. Convert to full accounting or integrate with an existing accounting application. Build a Procurement Portal and analyse purchases with plug & play Power BI reporting.


Reset your overall IT & systems integration strategy:

& Create a new start with your overall IT strategy. Review overall infrastructure costs, consolidating on benefits now readily available via The Cloud. Ensure your plan is able to scale with your changing business. Integrate stores, head office, home office trends & central kitchen. Reap the benefits of The Internet & mobile revolution.   

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